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Hybrid Valve Amplifier
2 x separate headphone amplifier stages using Burr Brown OPA2134, each with it's own volume control
100 Watt (2 x 50W) class D amplifier using Texas Instruments TPA3116. > 90% power efficiency. Output short circuit protection
Raytheon 6418 Glass Tube Valves (replacable). Mil spec
2 ounce Copper tracks
Low ESR capacitors
4 point PCB grounding direct to standoffs milled into the case for the ultimate in shielding and noise suppression
Analog input
DAC input 32 bit,  384 kHz using Savi Audio SA9227. Jitterless ouput. 16mHz clock speed in asynchronus mode
Vinly preamp using OPA2134 for ultra low noise with passive RIAA equalization
Bluetooth input
Bluetooth power supply electrically isolated to prevent Bluetooth interference from appearing on analog power supply 
Power provided by compact external power pack to keep mains and AC coupling away from audio circuits
Case is CNC machined from single block of aluminium
Dimensions 120mm (wide), 140mm (long), 25mm (deep)
Solid aluminium feet with rubber inserts to prevent microphonics

Hybrid Valve Headphone Amplifier
Walk into the lounge of any keen Audio Enthusiast and you'll often see a Valve Amplifier at the heart of their system. Why? Quite simply because the old fashioned Valve Amplifiers gave the best sound. So what if there was a pocket size valve amp that would give us back the rich audio quality our smartphones and computers so badly lack?

The Hybrid Valve Headphone Amplifier now gives us back the warm rich sound that was lost when transistors took over from valves. Plug it in between your phone or Mp3 player PC or Mac and your headphones. Your music now passes through real glass tube valves resulting in vastly improved sound quality. It will also boost the volume so you'll now have enough power to drive your high-end headphones. 

Choose the DAC option and you music can now play up to 32bit/ 384kHz resolution. 

The world's first stunning sounding and cool looking Hybrid Valve Headphone Amplifier with a footprint smaller than most cellphones.  Click the icon below to watch the Kickstarter video.

Valves made by Rocket Scientists - literally
Raytheon is a major American Defense contractor. They started in the 1930's and were the worlds largest vacuum tube manufacturer. This led to them manufacturing radar during the second world war. After the war Raytheon received military contracts to produce air and ground to air missiles for the US military. These included the Sparrow, Hawk, Tomahawk and Patriot missiles. The company also built the guidance system computers used by NASA to send the austronauts to the moon using the exact Raytheon 6418 valves we use in the Hybrid Valve Headphone Amplifier.

Quality Components
  • when designing the Valve Amplifier, our first priority was to get the best sound possible. Righ down to the individual resistors we've chosen components to give the lowest noise and to be virtually distortion free. We've even hand measured each valve before assembly and matched these to be within 1%
  • laser cut front and back anodised case
  • case made from a solid block of aluminium
  • stainless steel fasteners
  • Raytheon 6418 Valves made to Military Specifications
  • metal Film Resistors
  • 2 ounce Copper tracks
  • Burr Brown series OPA2134 amplifier, mimimal distortion (0.00008%)
  • low ESR Capacitors
  • ​surface mount components
Highest resolution Audiophile components
Saviaudio's SA9227 and Texas Instruments PCM5102A are at the heart of our extremely hi resolution DAC valve amplifier (option). Combined with the military spec Raytheon valves and award winning Burr Brown series OPA2134 amplifier chip, this combination produces extremely hi quality audio with extremely low noise and distortion.
image-544580-Block Diagram 6.jpg?1448164688012

M2 Magazine Review
In January 2015, version one of the Hybrid Valve Headphone Amplifier was reviewed in the prestigous men's technology magazine M2.  Click on the picture to the left to read the article. 

Design Philosophy
We've designed the Hybrid Valve Headphone Amplifier from the ground up. Your music enters the amplifier as a stream of electrons which pass through the vacuum of the Raytheon 6418 valves. It then gets boosted in volume with the world class Burr Brown series OPA2134. This device has an unbelievably low distortion of just 0.00008%. These active components are in turn supported by metal film resistors and thick 2 ounce copper tracks. We've shielded the amplifier using an aluminium case. The anodised front and back panels are secured by marine grade stainless steel screws. The graphics are laser engraved onto the front and back panels. The valves are visually displayed behind a strong plexiglass window. 

image-544691-close up 1.jpg?1448170506297
Specifications for Amplifier
dimensions 105 x 59 x 16mm
weight 120g
battery 1800mAh LiPo or 950mA low discharge long shelf life NiMh
3.5mm audio sockets
low voltage led indicator
ultra low distortion <0.00008%
750mW output
valves matched to within 1% of each other
output impedance for headphones 4-32 Ohms
measured output impedance 0.265 Ohms
Military spec Raytheon 6418 glass tube valves
2 ounce copper PCB tracks
low ESR capacitors
high quality robust aluminium case
stainless steel fasteners

Specifications for DAC
SA9227 master DAC streaming audio controller from Saviaudio supports resolution up to 32bit and sampling rates up to 384kHz
USB 2.0 high speed compliant
Bravotech jitter-less outputs using local clock in Async-mode
PCM5102A slave DAC from Texas Instruments, 32bit, 384kHz
16mHz crystal locked
micro usb
can be retro fitted to the Hybrid Valve Headphone Amplifier easily by end user by simply pluggin into expansion socket
compatible with all Windows operating systems and Apple OS

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