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Frequently asked Questions

I hear a ringing sound when I bump the amp

Due to the mechanical contruction of the glass tube valves, if the enclosure receives a knock the filaments will vibrate for a short period of time and produce a ringing sound. This will fade away within 20 seconds or so. It is very hard to hear the ringing when the music is playing and will not lesson the enjoyment of your music. 

What is the USB socket on the X8 for ?

In addition to analog and phono inputs, you can play music from your PC or Mac in high resolution. The DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) onboard the X8 will by pass your computers sound card and stream your music digitally right to the X8. Stream music from Tidal or from your own files and enjoy your music as if you were stitting in the concert hall or recording studio

Setting up the DAC

The Digital to Analog converter inside the X1 and X8 bypasses your computer or smart phone's audio device so you can enjoy your music in HD. For Apple users there is usually nothing to setup other than connecting your Mac to your X8 via a USB type A male to USB type B male.

For PC users you will need to download the drivers (see above "Windows DAC drivers"). 

What's the Gain Switch for on the X1?

Some analog music players have higher voltage outputs and this may overload the Valves. This won't do any damage, but it may distort your music. Switching the gain switch to LOW switches in an attenuator right at the input to the X1 reducing the drive to the valves. It also reduces the volume for the DAC stage. 

How long will the valves last?

The Raytheon 6418 valves will last a very, very long time. Since the voltage on the filaments is only 2 volts and the current is so low, we calculate the life expectancy to be around 40- 60 thousand hours. The X8 has a plug in circuit board to allow the valves to be easily changed. With the X1, the amp can be returned and we will replace the valves. 

Can I plug my smart phone into the DAC and stream my music digitally?

Yes;-  both the X1 and X8 can be connected to your adroid phone via an OTG cable and will play the music on your phone in Hi-Res.You will need to download the appropriate music player onto your phone.

For iPhones you will need a CCK (Camera Connection Kit)

My X1 is making some strange noises

There are 2 possibilities here. The first is you're hearing the valves ringing from bumping the case or from turning on the power. This is normal and will fade quite quickly. The initial  faint ringing is a small price to pay for the incredible sound quality you'll experience.

The second possibility is that the X1's battery is about to go flat. When almost out of battery, a Red LED will illuminate in the left side of the clear window of the X1. There is now a short period of time before the low voltage feature kicks in. This powers down the X1 and prevents the LiPo battery from being damaged. During this time you may hear some fluttering sounds or distortion. Check to see if the Red LED is illuminated. If so it's time to charge the battery.. 

Can I over charge my X1 headphone amp?

No- there is a built in smart charger. Once charged via the USB, a Green LED will illuminate. The USB can be unplugged at any time or you can leave it permanently plugged in.

The X1 won't charge

Check that your USB cable is plugged in correctly and securely and that your USB power pack or computer is switched on.

Make sure you have selected the charging slide switch (Lightening symbol) towards the solid white dot.